ClickTree Media is a Digital Advertising Agency That Specializes in Getting Leads For Your Business.

Welcome to ClickTree Media.   We are a performance based digital lead generation agency.  We use the latest in digital marketing technology and methodology to generate targeted leads and deliver them to you in real time.

Because we are performance based, you only have to pay for the leads we deliver to you.

Get the scoop on lead-generation and discover how it can help you exponentially grow your business!

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How Do We Help You?

Lead Generation

Using a combination of various social media platforms, re-targeting, PPC, and our proprietary “funnels” we have the ability to send you a constant flow of fresh, targeted leads day in and day out.

You Only Pay For RESULTS

Other more expensive agencies charge you a “retainer” and bind you to a lengthy contract without guaranteeing any kind of result.  At ClickTree Media, you only pay for results.  No expensive retainer fees and no long term commitment.  No risk.  If we cant send you leads, we don’t bill you.

Custom Branded Sales Funnels

When you buy your leads from us, we will use our proprietary funnel system – the same one that we use ourselves – to custom build you a complete branded sales funnel of your own – at no extra charge.

Conversion Optimization

We’re a tech firm.  We’re “nerds”.  We love studying and tweaking stuff to see how much we can get out of it.  We constantly study, analyze and track your campaigns to optimize them for the greatest results – and RIO – possible.

Ultimate Scale-ability and Reach.

Whether you’re a small business serving just your local community, or a medium to large sized national or international firm serving a global audience, we scale to fit you.  From 100 leads a month in your local area, all the way up to 5,000 a month or more globally…… we’ve got you anywhere in between.

Leads Your Sales team Will Love

Using our proprietary sales funnels and pre-screening processes, we generate the highest quality leads for the best RIO you can gain.  Our leads are hot.  Your sales team will love ’em and your business will grow.

We Generate Leads With…

  Facebook Ads

  Google Ads

  Twitter Ads

  YouTube Ads

  Instagram Ads

  Contextual Ads


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Get The Leads You Need Your Way


Complete and continuous “pay as you go” lead generation.  We do everything while you tend to business.  You simply pay for the leads we send you.  We handle everything else.

Training Courses

Training intensive materials designed to train you and your staff everything from lead generation on social media, to actually closing the leads when you get them.  Get al the courses or cherry-pick only those you need.

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FREE GUIDE!  Why Lead Generation is Key To Your Success in 2019!

Get the scoop on lead-generation and discover how it can help you exponentially grow your business!

FREE GUIDE!  Click below to get it.

Why Chose Us?

ClickTree media is a results driven advertising agency that focuses on generating leads for your business and you only pay for the leads we send you.  We aim to disrupt the digital advertising space with our unique value system and business model.

We aim to put clients first and take away all the risk.  We’re an innovative startup in many ways, yet our business model is time tested and proven.