Digital Marketing “Myths” Debunked

by admin, March 15, 2019
  • Don’t try Facebook Marketing – it doesn’t work.  Do Twitter marketing instead.
  • Don’t try Twitter marketing because it’s dead.  Do Facebook marketing instead.
  • Don’t do Google PPC because it’s a sham.  Advertising on YouTube is better.
  • YouTube is a dead horse.  Email marketing is where it’s at.
  • Email marketing sucks  Do “push’ instead.
  • “push” blows.  The only way to actually succeed, you need to be doing SEO to rank.

It’s No Wonder You’re Pulling Your Hair Out!

Each one of those quotes above has been touted by one “Guru” or another and the fact is, each one is both true and false.

ALL of the mentioned advertising methods above are viable ones.  What happens though is that many folks “try” one for awhile and when it doesn’t turn them into an “overnight millionaire” they say it “doesn’t work” and jump to the next one.  And, on and on it goes, of course with them blogging or posting that “so and so doesn’t work”.

The mis-information this causes is mind blowing and it’s no wonder that if you’re setting out on your own to use digital marketing for your business…… the experience can be daunting.

We get it, we’ve been there!

The Key is FOCUS

You should study one method and stick to it until you master it.  Once you do, you can keep using it while you try other methods.  As an example, Facebook advertising.

Advertising on Facebook is all the “rage” right now and with good reason.  It works.  Their ability to target on their platform is unparalleled.

If Facebook Advertising is your method of choice, you should buy a course on it and study it.  Then, take action.  Stick to it until you start to see results.

Only after you master it, should you adopt another method (and yes, you should absolutely use ALL the methods in what we can a “media remix” because you won’t have all your eggs in one basket).

Learning digital marketing can be daunting because it’s an ever changing landscape.  If you’d rather skip the “learning curve”, we get it.  After all, you’re already good at what you do.  We’re digital marketers and we are good at what WE do.

If you’d like ClickTree to take the reigns on your digital marketing so you can just focus on running – and growing – your business, hit us up and lets chat.

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